Portfolio of Co-investment Projects, Real Estate & Private Equity Investments

Phoenix is constantly procuring bespoke investment solutions that help our clients meet their financial objectives. Below are a selection of projects Phoenix and our partner investors have participated in:

140 West Street NYC Real Estate Investment

140 West Street

Phoenix led a group of investors in 2015 to participate on a partnership basis in the famed renovation development of 140 West Street (formerly the Verizon Building), directly opposite the recently opened Freedom Tower building in downtown Manhattan, New York. The project was led by the CIM Group of Los Angeles.

CIM Fund VIII Investment


Phoenix and a partnership structure of Gulf Based investors participated in an institutional tranche of the CIM Fund VIII launch.

Block 1 Co-Investment Opportunity - Urban Community Investment

Block 1 Co-Investment Opportunity

Phoenix and a group of Gulf Based investors partnered to co-invest with the CIM Group in the Mission Bay Development of San Francisco, located next to the financial district and directly across the Port Authority.

Cobalt Holdings Investment Opportunity

Cobalt Holdings

Phoenix led a group of investors in a telecom based private placement in Cobalt Holdings. The partnership maintains an equity stake in addition to a seat on the Board of Directors.

Paladin Capital Group Logo

Paladin Cyber Fund

Phoenix entered into a strategic relationship with the Washington DC based Cyber P/E firm Paladin Group. Our partnership has invested in the Paladin Cyber Fund in addition to certain standalone Co-Invest transactions with Paladin.

Santa Monica Westgate Co-Investment Opportunity

Santa Monica Westgate Co-Investment Opportunity EXITED

Phoenix led a group of Gulf based investors in a co-investment transaction with the CIM Group. The development is a residential opportunity located on Santa Monica Westgate in Los Angeles.

East 62nd Street Real Estate Investment

East 62nd Street

Phoenix negotiated and closed on the iconic Joan Rivers townhouse in mid-town Manhattan for a Gulf based family. The asset is now managed on an ongoing basis by Phoenix.

2 California Plaza Co-Investment Opportunity

2 California Plaza Co-Investment Opportunity

Phoenix has partnered with a group of Gulf Based investors to Co-Invest with the CIM Group in a landmark commercial asset, 2 Cal Plaza.


Phishme EXITED

Phoenix led a group of investors during the second quarter of 2016 in a Series C Convertible Preferred fund raise into the Virginia based cybersecurity firm Phishme.

The investment was led by Paladin Capital Group with participation from a number of Private Equity firms including Bessemer, Aldrich Capital, and Paladin Capital

25-30 Columbia Heights

25-30 Columbia Heights

Phoenix has led a group of investors to participate as a Limited Partner in the iconic Watchtower Building in Brooklyn NY.

The group has invested alongside CIM and a number of institutional investors in the acquisition of the famed building from the Jehova’s Witnesses Group.



Phoenix International and a group of Saudi Arabian investors have completed an equity round, complete with board representation, in 91springboard, a rapidly growing coworking community created for startups, freelancers and business owners with a startup mindset. 91 Springboard is Singapore registered with principal activities across India

Decision Sciences logo

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences is a California based Developer of advanced security and contraband detection systems. The company’s detection security platform offers an automated scanning system for detecting, locating and identifying unshielded to heavily shielded radiological and nuclear threats as well as explosives and contraband, enabling operators of port, border and critical infrastructure to improve the safety and security of their assets.

Phoenix led a group of Saudi Arabian investors in June 2017 to take a position in the company’s Series G Preferred Fund Raise

Expel logo


Expel has built a next-generation enterprise cyber security managed services platform. The company is co-founded by Dave Merkel, the former CTO of Mandiant and former Global CTO of FireEye, and former Mandiant and FireEye executives Yanek Korff and Justin Bajko.

Phoenix joined with Paladin Group and a number of strategic investors in March 2018 in a $20 million Series B Equity Fund raise

10X Genomics logo

10X Genomics EXITED

10X Genomics is a Developer of a genomics platform designed to revolutionize DNA sequencing technology. The company’s genomics platform develops and operates a molecular bar coding platform and analysis suite for users that delivers structural variants, haplotypes and other long range contextual information for a broad range of applications including targeted, exome and whole genome sequencing, enabling medical practitioners to offer advanced medical services based on genetics.

Phoenix partnered with Paladin Capital Group and a host of strategic investors including Fidelity Management, Softbank, and Meritech Capital in April 2018 in a $50 million Series D round led by Meritech Capital.

Historic Hotel Wales

Hotel Wales

Phoenix, in partnership with Adellco, successfully completed the off market acquisition of the historic Hotel Wales, located in the Carnegie Hill district of Manhattan.

A group of investors from the Middle East and the US partnered with us in the equity raise to secure the asset after more than 18 months of negotiations with the seller.

This is thus far the largest transaction undertaken by Phoenix with a total development cost well in excess of $110 million.

Phoenix and Adellco will be converting the building to residential units to be marketed by Corcoran NY



Phoenix, in partnership with the Washington DC based P/E firm Paladin Capital Group, participated in a $20 million Series B Equity Raise for the US based Cyber-Security company Risklens Inc.

Risklens is the only Cyber Risk quantification Software purpose built on the FAIR Standard (Factual Analysis of Information Risk).

Other investors included Dell Technologies, MassMutual Ventures, and Fidelity’s venture capital arm (F-Prime).
The transaction closed on March 27th, 2019


Secure Code Warrior

In April 2019 Phoenix and a group of our Gulf based investors invested $4.4 million through a Series A Convertible Preferred Stock offering into Secure Code Warrior, alongside Paladin Capital and AirTree Ventures.

Secure Code Warrior has built an interactive skill building and behavior management platform enabling software developers to be the first line of defense by writing secure code from the beginning when applications are created.

Their platform is currently available in 7 coding languages expected to grow to 15 within the short term.
Secure Code Warrior is a Sydney based company with offices in London, Boston, and Bruges.



In November 2019, Phoenix International and a partnership of our GCC investors participated in a $100 million Series D Preferred Stock offering, led by Paladin Capital Group of Washington DC, into Inscripta, a Life Sciences Company that provides new tools and applications that enable researchers to more efficiently explore and engineer the genome at scale.

Inscripta has developed a set of technologies that increase the efficiency and precision of genetic engineering by 1000x over current state of the art.

The Company has commercialized its technology in the form of an instrument, consumable reagents, cell libraries, and software tools into a platform that bring to the desktop all the scale and sophistication of a 50,000 square-foot bio-foundry.

Calypso Artificial Intelligence

Calypso Artificial Intelligence

In April 2020 Phoenix and a group of our investors participated in the Series A-1 equity round into the US based Cyber company Calypso Artificial Intelligence,  alongside Lockhead Martin Ventures, Lightspeed, and Paladin Capital Group.

Calypso is an AI Development toolkit used by AI teams to develop, test, and deploy models more quickly and with validation and security built in. Calypso tools not only guide data scientists into best practices, but also provide organizational insights and transparency into data science pipelines.



In June 2020 Phoenix and a group of our investors participated in the $15 Million Series A Convertible Preferred Stock in the cyber company Rangeforce.

RangeForce was founded in 2015 in Estonia.

The company provides a cybersecurity simulation training Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform for IT and security professionals. Rangeforce has unlocked cybersecurity simulation training for the world’s 29 million IT and security professionals by making it accessible online in a gamified environment. The company’s vision is to transform how enterprise’s measure and develop cybersecurity skills in their IT and security workforce by democratizing the use of expensive, on-site simulation training previously only accessible to government and some enterprise customers.

Help Me Fix My Plumbing

Help Me Fix My Plumbing

In June 2020 Phoenix invested in the UK based company Trade Innovations Ltd.

The company owns the Help Me Fix My Plumbing app, which is a first-responder video-chat service that connects the residents of the company’s clients to qualified plumbers and gas engineers to resolve plumbing and heating issues without the need for physical attendance. The service is geared to solve issues such as leaks, pressure loss, control malfunctions, fuel loss, heating malfunctions, air locks, most heating diagnostics and gas appliance faults. Help me Fix is available on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box

Phoenix, in partnership with the Washington DC based P/E firm Paladin Capital Group, participated in a $10 million growth financing equity raise for the UK based Cyber-Security company Hack The Box, which has developed the world’s leading adversarial cyber security platform

HTB is the rapidly growing leader of a new market focused on adversarial security, functioning within a $2.5 billion enterprise market opportunity.